Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a natural, drug-free form of prenatal care. It can consist of various techniques such as general Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage. Women will be positioned differently based on their comfort. Sarah has a body cushion specifically designed to allow women to lie face down throughout their pregnancy. If you do not find this comfortable however, you can also be positioned on your side or in a seated position. Women can lie on their back throughout their pregnancy if they wish however, slight modifications will be made to ensure maximum comfort and safety for both mother and baby.

There are numerous benefits to pregnancy massage including:Pregnancy Massage in Cambridge, Ontario

  • improve maternal mood
  • decrease depression and anxiety
  • decrease pain and discomfort – including low back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as headaches
  • decreasing swelling in legs and feet and reducing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • decrease stress hormones in pregnant women (including those suffering from depression)
  • decrease obstetrical complications, and improve neonatal health and development

There is also evidence that Massage Therapy, through the labour and birthing process, helps to:

  • decrease pain in all three stages of labour
  • decreased length of labour
  • reduce anxiety in the early stages of labour
  • reduce stress and irritability during labour
  • shorter hospital stay
  • increase the quality of your experience of childbirth
  • fewer instances of postpartum depression